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Your team’s
to-do list, done.

Dock gives your team a simple, HIPAA-compliant way to manage all your daily administrative and clinical tasks.

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Missed emails and calls lead to dropped balls. Complicated spreadsheets, disappearing Post-its and illegible notes result in medical errors.

It all contributes to staff burnout.

Your team needs a better way to manage all the details.

Dock Health is honored to be the task-management platform of choice for providers

Capture every administrative to-do in one HIPAA-compliant place so your clinical operations can run more efficiently with less dropped-balls, and you can get back to the care patients need. No more Post-Its, no more Excel files, just a simple, intuitive, works-anywhere platform to complement your existing EHR.

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Dock puts all your team's to-dos in one place

No need to decipher someone's scribbles on the back of a clinic note, or chase down emails and voicemails. Just one place where you and your team can find and manage all the tasks at hand.

Patient info at your fingertips

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Find it all in the task drawer
We organized all the information and activity surrounding each patient in the Task Drawer and put it just a click away.

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Up top:
All your patient's essential info, immediately available.


In the middle:
Easily find task status, due dates and times.


At the bottom:
A simple hub for better collaboration. All your team members’ comments regarding the patient’s care live here, along with a record of the patient’s task history.

It's easy to start using Dock

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Create a list for yourself or your team.

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Share the list with the people you work with.

Setup is easy.

And we’ll be there to answer questions every step of the way.

Get Started with Dock

per user per month

◆ Create to-do lists
◆ Assign tasks
◆ Add due dates
◆ Set reminders
◆ Comment
◆ Flag & set task status
◆ View task history
◆ Forward emails
◆ Add Attachments



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Create tasks for yourself or someone else. And you can easily set due dates.

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Communicate within a task to collaborate and get things done.

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He reports the same number of headaches and some weakness. Should we have the patient come in?

Stephanie Lopez 9:56pm

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Yes, please book

him this week.

Aaron Brandt 1:40pm

Rectangle 1153.png

You have an opening tomorrow at 2pm.

He's scheduled.

Brett Martin 1:55pm

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Mark the task complete.