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administrative friction.

better patient care.

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Workflow management for
The Other Half of Healthcare

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Manage your administrative work
in one place.

No need to decipher someone's scribbles on the back of a clinic note, or chase down emails, faxes and voicemails. Just one place where you and your team can find and manage all the tasks at hand.

Trusted by healthcare experts in every setting and specialty.

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Deliver measurable impacts that matter to your organization.

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Your team needs a better way to manage all the details.

Healthcare runs on workflows.

Workflows  help turn the complex into simple and the routine into reliable. Use the Workflow Library to create sets of tasks and subtasks that better organize your processes and your team.

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Dr. Chrono

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Google Workspace

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Seamlessly integrate with your tech.

The EHR wasn't built for administrative work. Dock takes the friction out of the everyday with integrations that matter.

Automations to handle the busywork.

Healthcare providers don’t always have the time to make process improvements. Dock's automations translate forms and faxes into easily assignable tasks, eliminating unnecessary administrative burden that causes provider burnout.

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24/7 customer service with our Dock Crew.

The Dock Crew is here to support you every step of the way.

  • Dedicated onboarding concierge 

  • Self-learning tools in our resource center

  • Paid professional services facilitate custom integrations, automations, custom workflows, and even team training

Coordinate effortlessly with outside collaborators

Dock is priced affordably so every teammate can be on the same HIPAA-compliant page, performing and tracking each task, then communicating status to the team.

Collaborator outside your organization? No worries and no fee: Outside guests help get healthcare done.

The Benefits begin in 5 minutes.

Get started with Dock

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“Dock Health is the bread and butter of our practice. Without it we would be in the dark. It is literally indispensable.”

- Levi Breuer, PsyD - CEO, PsychCare Baltimore, MD