Let's Get Started

How to Use Dock

We want you to get up and running on Dock as quickly as possible. This short guide should get you started. Once you’re through it, feel free to explore, too.

What is Dock? A simple, HIPAA-compliant task management and collaboration platform, built specifically for healthcare.

A place to call Home

We’ve created a dashboard we’re simply calling Home. It displays your assigned tasks across all of your lists, organized by due date: Today, next 7 days, or simply No date.

The Basics

What’s a List?

Lists are sort of like folders where you keep all your tasks, all nice and organized. You can create as many lists as you like, and name them whatever you want.  Lists are designed to help you organize your tasks.

What’s a Task?

A task is what we call your to-dos. But instead of Post-its and random unintelligible notes, they’re organized into neat lists, with the information your team can share and access at any time.

Some of the basics

Features you should know about

Dock’s feature set was designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Here are some of the primary features you can use every day.

Min/Max Views

"Full view" shows all of the subtasks and comments face up. "Slim view" is a way to get the big picture, with all of the subtasks and comments collapsed.

Drag & drop

We made ordering tasks easy. When you mouse-over a task you will see three bubbles appear which means it's ready to drag and drop.

Open the drawer

When you click on a task, the drawer will slide out from the right side of the screen to reveal all of the details.

A red dot = new

A red dot next to  comments, due dates, 
labels, or attachments means something new was added since the last time you logged in.

Getting around

Click the icon at the top left of the screen to access the rest of the pages within Dock.

Look for the blue dot

If you see a blue dot next to the number indicating how many open tasks there are in a list, it means something new was added to that list.


Organize a list using Groups. Add as many groups as you'd like and feel free to move them to any location on the page.

Expanded filtering 

We have robust filtering

that allows you to use multiple criteria, so you can quickly find exactly what you're looking for.

A major part of organizing

Building a Task List

The first step to ditching all those Post-its and washing your hands of all those scribbled notes is creating and building out a task list.

1. Start by creating a task list

To create a new list, simply click the button in the upper right corner of the window. Name a list by a team, workflow or process. After the list is created, you can add tasks to it.

Name lists by workflow, a team or your personal to-do list.

2. Then, invite members to your list

Once you have created your list you can invite other members. Invite members by clicking on the three dots on the right side of the List. Select “Invite Members” from the menu.

Invite others to a list to collaborate and share tasks.

3. To edit/delete, click the dots

If you’re an admin of a list, you can delete or edit a list by clicking the three dots to the right of it. A drop-down menu will appear and give you the choice to delete or edit the list. You can add/remove users here as well.

Keep your lists updated to stay organized.

4. Add a new task to your list

Adding a new task is a snap. Simply click on the box with “+ Add Task” in it, then type in your task and hit the enter key. The new task will save to your list.

Quickly add tasks to stay on top of your to-dos.
Or add user/patient with the @ and # symbols.

Getting your tasks together
Anatomy of a Task List

Now that you've created a list, let's take a quick look at what's actually in there.

Find the title of your list up top

When you click on a List, you get an inventory of open, new and completed tasks.

Peruse your tasks

Lists are set up to easily scan your tasks, with the ability to click on any one of them to get details.

Breaking down a Task:

For projects bigger than one task

Some tasks are too complex for a single task. So you have the ability to create subtasks and assign them to different team members to complete.

Creating a Subtask

Subtasks on your list

Subtasks are easy to create and appear under the main tasks for easy tracking.

Sample of a subtask:

Where all the details are tucked away

Check your drawers

Double-clicking on the body of any task or subtask will slide open a drawer full of all the details and comments on that task.

What's in a Drawer:

Adding a subtask &

deleting or duplicating tasks

Click on the three dots to reveal the dropdown to create a subtask, or delete and duplicate.

Due date & due time

Easily assign a due date and time for tasks. Based on that, we'll send alerts to remind you this task is due.


Look here quickly to see the status of a task on your list.


Labels make it easier to search for and find tasks by letting you create and assign searchable labels - like Phone Calls or Imaging - to individuals to-dos.

Editing & deleting comments

Mouse-over a comment to reveal links to edit or delete a comment you've made.

Task history

You can view an individuals task's history of changes that includes each change that occurred since the task was created.

New Features: These are some of the latest updates and features in Dock.


2 ways to get 


You can choose to get notifications via email or right in the Dock app - or both if you want to make sure your bases are covered. Whatever works best for you. You can also choose not to get any notifications if you already get too many. Click the notifications bell in the upper right corner and click the gear icon in the window. Then just check any, all or none of the notifications you want to get, and how you want to get them.



Know in an instant the status of the people in your organization. This new feature will tell you whether your team members are online, offline or idle. If your team member hasn’t been approved and added yet, or has been approved and hasn’t created an account yet, their status will show as pending and their name and bubble will be opaque.


Quickly assign your people to a task simply by typing @ and their name as you type out the task. Dock will autofill their name. They’ll get a notification when they’re assigned. You’ll only be able to assign people on your list. Note that if you type @name in a comment, it won’t assign that person to a task, but will send them a nudge.


Quickly assign a patient when typing your task by typing # and the patient’s name, which will auto-populate. Then just click on the patient’s name to automatically assign the patient to the task. 

Patient and people cards

Hovering your mouse over the name of team members or patients will pop up a card that quickly shows you detailed information about them.

Faster patient list uploads

Uploading your patient list in bulk to Dock is now fast and easy. Which means you can start creating tasks and assigning team members even faster. Just follow these steps to upload your patient list:

1. Download the excel template from Dock.
2. Import your patient list into the template and upload it to Dock
3. Go grab a cup of coffee
4. By the time your back, your patient list will be loaded, and you’ll be good to go.


Collaborate with outside organizations

There are times you may want to collaborate with people from organizations outside your own, like other clinics, third-parties or researchers. Now you can add people from other organizations to Dock as Guests for better, secure collaboration. Guests will only see the tasks, patients and providers on that list without seeing the rest of your organization.

Refer colleagues more easily

Once you’ve grown to love using Dock for your practice, you should share that love. We’re now making it easy for you to refer your colleagues from other practices or facilities who could also benefit from working with Dock.

New roles with more defined permissions

Now you can add more people to your teams, including those from outside organizations, without worrying about compromising your HIPAA compliance or jeopardizing the security of your patient information


Owners are the people who create and own patient and task lists. They have access to pretty much everything.


Members are those people from your organization who you invite to your teams, and to whom you assign patient tasks. They have access to any list to which they’re invited, and can comment, update status, etc.

Guests are most often people from outside your organization who are invited to specific lists. They only have access to information related to the specific tasks, patients and people on that list and nothing else in your organization.

We added notifications to make it easier for team members to know that someone has added a new task, or made a new comment on a task of which they’re a part. This will allow team members to respond more quickly as needed.


Right Click Functionality

Place your cursor over a task and right click your mouse to see easy to access options.

Bulk selection
& actions

Now you can select multiple tasks so that you can duplicate, move, complete change status or date, reassign or delete all in a few clicks.

New functions for the left navigation

Manage users and subscription
Click the gear to see your subscription and manage your users. Invite or remove users from your organization from here.

Access your profile

Click the bubble to access your profile or to logout of Dock.

Access your organizations
We understand there are instances when people work with more than one oganization. If you own your own practice yet are a partner at anpther practice, you may want to use Dock at both organizations but keep your patients and people you work with separate. Here is where you add and access your organizations.

Change due date notifications.

Now you can change your due date notifications on the list page without opening the task.

Get help with Dock

Click on this icon on the bottom right-hand part of the page to start a chat between 9 a.m. & 5 p.m. ET.

Desktop & Mobile versions

Dock is there where you need us. Access through your desktop or take the mobile app on your rounds