Our Mission

To bridge the clinical and administrative halves of healthcare to enable optimal care delivery and improved efficiency, reliability and collaboration.

Born Out of Boston Children's Hospital

We understand healthcare and know how frustrating it can be to see things fall through the cracks despite your best intentions. We believe it should be easier to take exceptional care of your patients and yourself. We’re here to help.
We were founded to help solve a fundamental problem we experienced ourselves as providers, the gap between the clinical intent and all the administrative work required to ensure a patient’s needs are delivered upon. As a pediatric gastroenterologist and clinical director of innovation at Boston Children’s Hospital, Michael Docktor faced this problem daily. He wanted the best for his patients but there were too many balls in the air, too many administrative tasks he had to track and no good way to reliably work with his team or ensure all the loops were closed. He was inspired by the collaborative yet simple, shared to-do list he used with his wife to manage their food shopping list and wondered, “how does this not exist in healthcare”?
The idea to build a collaborative and HIPAA-compliant shared task management solution was brought to life in the Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator at Boston Children’s Hospital. Keather Roemhildt, a seasoned UX designer for companies like Twitter, GoPro and AutoDesk, turned ideas into elegant designs. Nitin Gujral, the lead engineer for the innovation program with his decades of experience in health IT, helped to build the foundation for the first secure workflow management solution designed for healthcare. The fertile test bed of the leading children’s hospital in the country provided incredible real-world validation of the power of a secure, collaboration platform. The wisdom of Jonathan White, an experienced operator in finance and healthcare startups helped turn a great idea into a great business. The generosity and mentorship of David Hornik and August Capital, gave us the confidence and funding needed to fly out of the nest at Boston Children’s Hospital and on the road to fulfill our mission. We have since been accelerated by the best healthcare incubators in the country including MassChallenge, KidsX and the Cedars-Sinai Health Accelerator and now proudly supporting hundreds of providers across healthcare.

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Michael Docktor, MD
CEO & Co-founder

Pediatric Gastroenterologist & former Clinical Director of Innovation at Boston Children’s Hospital. Instructor in Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School.
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Jonathan White

30+ years Finance, health IT and Operations former Director at Credit SuisseiTriage, DocResponse
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Nitin Gujral
CTO & Co-founder

20+ Years Full Stack Eng. & Solutions Architect former Director of Innovation and R&D at Boston Children’s Hospital.
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Jen Asbury

15+ years Marketing and Branding: Edelman, Aetna, Aol.
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Our Values

Interprofessional collaboration is critical to care delivery, practice performance and individual happiness.
Run more efficiently, grow your care footprint, stabilize your workforce, and find cost savings.
Easier to search, combine and filter data, so it can seamlessly flow and aggregate better insights -- secure forever.
Patient First
A substantial contributor to care delivery is a patient's experience with care team.
Future Forward
Lean on Dock to deliver a financial picture on the administrative side of care delivery.
Take the pain out of change and accelerate impacts and outcomes with our expert Dock Crew.

In the news

For media requests contact media@dock.health.

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