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Obstetrics + Gynecology 

One secure platform.

Every member of your team.

Dock Health provides ob/gyn teams a shared, HIPAA-compliant collaboration platform to capture every administrative task.

  • Reduce dropped balls

  • Collaborate efficiently

  • Mitigate compliance risk

  • Communicate easily

  • Optimize your organization


Reclaim your time from administrative burden.

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“Dock Health is the bread and butter of our practice. Without it we would be in the dark. It is literally indispensable.”

- Levi Breuer, PhD - CEO, PsychCare Baltimore, MD

No more Post-Its + paper scraps

Trying to remember a hallway conversation that happened Friday? Piecing together workflow from pieces of notepaper? There's a better way to-do healthcare.

Streamline your administrative workflow.

The EHR simply wasn't built to capture the administrative side of healthcare. We text, email and call each other. We write emails, notes and stickies. Patient care teams need Dock Health to eliminate confusion, reduce dropped balls and deliver efficiencies for the organization.


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