“We have caregivers who do not work as teams with each other in the way that we would really like them to work with each other. And we have some serious delays in learning and in sharing information between caregivers.” 



George Halverson 

Chair of the Institute for Intergroup Understanding 

Former CEO, Kaiser Permanente


Here’s how to get your mental health team on the same page.


Is your team finding it difficult to collaborate on the administrative to-dos associated with getting clinical mental health care done? The mental health field has gone fully remote in many areas, which can make assigning tasks to administrators, therapists and even outside partners in care delivery an inefficient process and administrative burden.

Built by providers, for providers.

Dock Health is a HIPAA-complaint task management platform built by providers for providers -- and priced affordably to ensure everyone on the healthcare team can stay on top of administrative work.

Reclaim your time.

Dock Health users gain back one day each week. Our users:


  • Experience an immediate 30% reduction in time spent on administrative tasks

  • See all tasks in one place: Know what everyone is working on, how much time it takes to complete tasks, and search status on any priority items

  • Reduce confusion and anxiety: Reinforce a collaborative, communicative culture where every member of your team can stay on top of and easily manage tasks



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