Run your healthcare administration from one HIPAA-compliant platform.

Dock Health’s suite of administrative solutions create efficiency, reliability and accountability for the other half of healthcare.


Whether you are a sole-practitioner, multi-site provider organization or healthcare company, we are the solution for any situation where tasks need to be managed with protected health information.

HIPAA-compliant at all levels

EHR integrations

Workflow automations

The hub for administrative collaboration



Every hospital and health system struggles with the same challenges: creating accountability, structure and process to be a highly reliable organization. Dock provides the administrative hub for healthcare, connected to the clinical systems and organizing all the work needed to ensure efficient and optimal patient care.

Quality improvement

Process automation

Workforce optimization


HIPAA-compliant collaboration

High reliability



Every medical speciality is unique, and every practice has its own processes, workflows and culture. Dock supports the end-user customization and nuances of healthcare while providing templates, protocols and best practices to provide immediate value.

Custom workflows and protocols

Actionable best-practices and guidelines

Create a learning health system

Measure and optimize the practice and processes

HIPAA-compliant collaboration

High reliability



Digital health startups need to focus on their “special sauce,” their customer UX, their proprietary processes and customer-facing applications, not the backend systems that help their care teams and operations work efficiently and build for scale. Leverage our HIPAA-compliant workflow management and collaboration platform and APIs to connect your clinical, operational and your systems to focus on what matters.

FHIR-based restful APIs


Bi-directional automations

Integrated widgets

Systems integration

Process automation

Workforce optimization


Home & Remote Care

New models of care have forced a distributed team of “providers” to collaborate securely and manage a growing list of patients and tasks. Electronic health records were not built to serve the needs of the entire care team in this new age of post-pandemic medicine.

Secure collaboration for the distributed workforce

Accountability across episodes of care and providers

Beyond interoperability… interconnectivity

Patient relationship management solution


Virtual Workforce

With the explosion of virtual care, the administrative support has also become virtual and asynchronous. Institutional knowledge and processes are quickly lost in turnover and training is a full-time job. Define your processes, guide team members through SmartFlows and get control of your practice.

Design workflows

Implement structure and accountability

Secure institutional knowledge

Facilitate part-time support



Dock is the only HIPAA-compliant collaboration and workflow management solution built for healthcare. Teams and organizations are now seeing the value of these platforms, but consumer solutions don’t work. Make use of our APIs to integrate secure task management into your environment or trigger workflows in Dock from your systems. Built on FHIR standards and integrated with EHRs, CRMs and productivity solutions to be the backbone and administrative hub for healthcare.

FHIR-based restful APIs


Bi-directional automations

Integrated widgets


Pharma & Life Sciences

From managing the tasks and protocols of multi-site clinical trials to post-market surveillance and ensuring best-practice guidelines are followed by providers, the opportunities to use our secure platform are endless. Get clinical and operational team members on the same page, capture the data and build a learning health system.

Create actionable protocols

Capture data

Establish benchmarks

Facilitate interorganizational collaboration

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