Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Dock Health! We understand that while administrative workflows and burnout are not a novel concept across healthcare, the digital management of to-dos and tasks associated with clinical care is. Currently, Dock Health is the only HIPAA-compliant platform where you can capture, assign, track and complete administrative tasks.

This is because we're built for healthcare. Below we answer a number of questions, but we're always happy to hop on the phone or you can email our Dock Crew at and we'll respond within 24 hours. 


You can also schedule time with us directly here.


  • Provider: Anyone that helps in the wholistic provision of patient care (i.e. a doctor, nurse, patient scheduler, administrative assistant) Dock takes a more comprehensive approach to this word as everyone from the clinical to the administrative team is part of great patient care.

  • Home: This is your own personal dashboard with a high-level view of lists you're involved with and associated to-dos. It's a great place to start and end your day.

  • List: A list is a collection of related tasks. These can be associated with a workflow -- like new patient onboarding, an inbound referral, or scheduling a series of follow-ups -- or they can be individual tasks all assigned to you. The idea is that they are organized and never forgotten, no ball ever dropped.

  • Task: This is the simplest unit of action. Call back a patient. Check insurance. Sign a form. You might have to complete this task yourself or it might hand it off to a collaborator. It's captured in perpetuity, and the audit trail acknowledges your hard work.

  • Subtask: Sometimes a larger task has mini to-dos associated with it. Sub-tasks are a great way to parse out the larger task.

  • Drawer: By double-clicking on a task, the task drawer opens from the right side of your screen allowing you to review or add details, comments, labels, due dates, priorities, status, attachments and so much more.

  • Owner: A designated "owner" oversees all permissions and access within your organization.

  • Collaborator: As a Dock Health user, you will have an individual view of your to-dos and those assigned to your lists -- they are called collaborators. Your team's owner will provide you with appropriate permissions for internal collaborators.

  • Guest: Because healthcare delivery often occurs across specialties, settings and roles, we want to make sure you can collaborate on a task that may need an outside provider's support. Guest access to an individual task is free, and if there's need to collaborate further, they can become a paid member of your team's account or create their own.

The Basics

  • Is Dock HIPAA compliant? 

    • HIPAA compliance and being a secure place for clinicians and their teams to work together is foundational to Dock. We were born at Boston Children's Hospital, the result of a busy physician wanting to find a better way to deal with the administrative challenges of a hectic practice. Dock is a secure platform that allows for patient context to be added to a task which allows clinicians and their teams to take the best care of their patients while making their work more manageable and less stressful (a win, win).

  • Do you sign BAAs (Business Associate Agreement)? 

    • We do! A BAA is essential to HIPAA compliance and ensures that there is a legally binding contract between Dock Health and your organization to securely and safely manage Protected Health Information (PHI). With this in place, it is safe to use the Dock Health platform for patient information provided you and your organization appropriately manage access to this data. You or an authorized signer will be asked to sign a BAA before using Dock.

  • Who can sign a BAA for us? 

    • To ensure HIPAA compliance, an officer of your organization with legal right to enter into a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement should be the one to sign. If you have someone without sufficient authority sign the agreement (an office administrator, for instance), then it's possible you're failing to properly meet your obligations under HIPAA. During the sign up process, you'll be able to send the BAA to an authorized signer (if it is someone other than yourself).

  • What if I don't know who to send a BAA to? 

    • Let us know, we're happy to help. If you're part of a large organization such as a hospital, academic medical center or health system there are often departments that handle these things. Just email us at or ping us on Intercom (little blue thingy on bottom right corner of your browser).

  • What's the difference between this and other to-do platforms? 

    • Dock was purpose built for healthcare, by doctors, clinical informaticists, and experts in building HIPAA compliant solutions. We built a powerful platform for managing tasks and collaboration with patient context at the center and clinical teams and their workflows in mind.

  • What can Dock do? 

    • Dock is a way to get clinicians and their teams on the same page. It is a secure way to capture, assign, delegate, prioritize, and track clinical and administrative tasks together. Dock is a hub for all of your tasks from personal to organizational. We provide the structure and process that is missing in healthcare, helping to create a highly reliable practice where there is accountability, transparency and loops finally get closed.

  • Who is Dock meant for? 

    • We have built an incredibly flexible system that can be used in any domain of medicine, mental/behavioral health and any place where securing protected health information (PHI) is critical. We are a platform that can get everyone from the clinicians to the administrative team on the same page. We were built in the large and varied academic medical center of Boston Children's Hospital but have found that there are endless use cases for Dock. From psychology to pharmacy, from internal medicine to GI and dentistry, any place where teams need a secure place to work and get organized for better patient care, we are the solution.

  • Why would we need a secure task management and collaboration platform? 

    • We're all overwhelmed by the administrative challenges of trying to provide good care. Everyone from physicians to the administrative support staff is burnt out from the toil of the myriad tasks that result from everyday patient care. Before Dock, there was no good way to capture, delegate, prioritize and ultimately track these to-dos. In the end, this weighs on everyone and when things fall through the cracks, everyone suffers. Dock is here to make things more collaborative and efficient while reducing errors, dropped balls and provider stress.

  • Which platforms (web/mobile) do you support? 

    • Dock works where patient care happens. Dock works at your desk, at the bedside, and on your commute home because quality patient care is a team sport and takes place before, during and after a clinical encounter. Dock can be found on the iOS AppStore for the iPhone and is also available on the web, for use on any desktop, laptop or tablet. We're thinking about an Android app and would love to hear from you if you're interested, please email us at

  • Can I get a demo of Dock? 

    • We would be happy to setup a Zoom call to learn about your practice, workflows and show you all the great features of Dock. In the meantime, please feel free to check out our free 15 day trial and try it out for yourself. We also offer custom services such as integrations with your clinical and practice systems, custom workflows, email automations and uploading patient directories to your organization.

  • How can I add patient context to a task? 

    • For each task in Dock, a patient can be linked so that each task or subtask has patient context. Adding a patient is easy and can be done by simply searching or selecting an existing patient from the Dock directory or creating a new patient profile. A new patient profile can be created in the process of creating a task or created on the patient page. Adding patient context to a task offers many benefits including, easy access to contact information for calling a patient back (especially in the mobile app) and being able to see all the tasks for a patient across all of your lists. You can also create short notes in the patient profile for little reminders and "one-liners" on a patient.

  • Can I add attachments to a task in Dock? 

    • Attachments can now be added to every task and subtask. Examples of attachments include PDFs, images, word documents, audio files and other important items. These attachments are stored securely and are also HIPAA compliant. You can easily preview most items such as PDFs, audio files and images by clicking on the file or choose to download the file to your computer. Please ensure that the files are downloaded to a secure device.

  • How much does Dock cost? 

    • We are thrilled to offer a 15 day free trial of our full Dock experience. There is no credit card required to access the free trial and you may invite as many providers (users) as you'd like to your Dock organization. At any time before your 15 day free trial is finished, you can sign up for your Dock subscription. We offer both a monthly subscription or a prepaid annual package which provides a significant discount for both our basic and premium tiers.

  • How can I add more people to my Dock account? 

    • As an administrator of an organization, you can invite new users and remove users at any time. Their subscription and fees will be updated at the beginning of the subsequent calendar month.

  • Can I use Dock with colleagues outside of our practice? 

    • We think Dock provides a powerful collaborative platform to help providers from within and across organizations work better together for superlative patient care. You are free to invite whomever you would like from within and outside your organization. Having said this, Dock health is a HIPAA compliant application. In order to use Dock, you will sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) as a covered entity and agree to our End User License Agreement (EULA), Privacy Statement and Terms of Service. As an owner of an organization you will want to ensure that privacy and security measures are in place such as ensuring all users are known and have been trained on HIPAA. Your organizations may consider data sharing agreements and other safeguards to ensure patient data is protected and secure across users and devices.

  • What if we don't like it? 

    • Unlikely, but we're here to help ;) You are free to remove users from your Dock organization at any time. If you are not happy with Dock and would like to cancel your subscription, we'd like to learn more and will be happy to help. Please contact us at

Customizing Dock - Automations & Integrations

  • Does Dock integrate with the EHR (Electronic Health Record)?

    • We do, but we'd ask you if you really need it. We think Dock is awesome for a bunch of reasons, one of which is that it's super easy to use and doesn't require any EHR integration. You can be up and running with Dock in less than 5 mins which is powerful in the crazy busy world of patient care and practice management. Dock replaces a lot of the administrative stuff that happens over email, Post-it Notes and often falls through the cracks. We think of ourselves as the connective tissue between the clinical stuff and the administrative stuff that needs to magically happen for the rest to matter. While EHR integration is awesome, most practices don't need it. That results in a more affordable and faster setup for you and your practice. Contact us at to learn more about our Custom/Enterprise offerings and EHR integration.

  • Does Dock integrate with other software platforms?

    • At the moment, Dock integrates with any email platform (Gmail, Outlook, Mail, etc.). We believe that integration with your workflow and REDUCING work is achievable with Dock. Like all great things, there is some investment required in setting things up for your group and workflow. In the near future, we will increasingly be adding more integrations to software platforms you are already using. We’re here to help. We aim to be the secure hub for your practice. Contact us with any ideas, requests or integrations you’d like us to prioritize at

  • How does Dock email integration work?

    • Since so much of what is actually needed for reliable and quality patient care happens over email, we've worked hard to make email integration as seamless and valuable as possible. Simply forward any email from the email account that you've used to sign up for Dock to and we'll automagically turn it into a task. The subject line of your email will become the task and we'll include the body of the email and any attachments in your Dock inbox. Be sure to save as a contact to make it easy each time you want to forward a task. See below for more advanced features such as sending tasks to lists, assigning tasks and setting due dates.

  • How can I do some of those advanced moves for creating tasks from emails.

    • We offer a number of shortcuts to get emails into Dock easily. These features including sending emails directly into a list, assigning a user, setting a due date and flagging as high priority. Simply add any or all of the following shortcuts below to the subject line of the email you forward or send to

      • #ListName = add the list name after # and send it directly to that list

      • @FirstLast = assign the task to a user within a list (user must be a member of this list, e.g. @ElonMusk)

      • *HIGH = add a flag to make this task a high priority

      • !Date = add a due date to a task (e.g. !2/28/21)

  • How do I get help with setting up Dock for my practice?

    • We're happy to setup a demo to show you how Dock works. We can get into the weeds with you and learn more about your practice and how we can help customize and automate your workflows and challenges. Contact us at to tell us more. We're looking forward to helping you "get health done"!

  • What if we want to customize things like automated emails in Dock?

    • We've helped many practices automate common practices through email integration and automation. To think of this simply, if there are emails that come in from a particular individual or service that we can identify by the email address or subject line, we can help automate a workflow in Dock. An example is you have an email that comes to your inbox for new patients that are requesting services, you somehow have to capture and track that. With Dock, we can automatically send this email to the "New patient" list in Dock, auto-assign it to someone and even set a due date. Contact us at to learn more.

  • What if we want to do some custom protocols and workflows in Dock?

    • We are happy to help build custom workflows for you in Dock. We would love to learn more about your practice, the log jams and error-prone processes that we can help with a little structure and accountability. Contact us at for more information and help setting up a call. 

  • What if we want to do some custom integrations with Dock? 

    • We are happy to do custom integrations to various clinical and software systems. Please contact us at for more information and help setting up a call to discuss custom integrations.

  • How can I configure notifications for me and my team?

    • At this time, we have basic notifications such as alerting you when you’ve been assigned a task or someone has completed a task that you had assigned. You will be notified by email and/or push notifications if you have the mobile applications. You can choose to turn off either of these notifications at the list level or across the whole platform if you go into your profile page. There are much more detailed notification configurations coming. Contact us with any ideas or requests you’d like us to prioritize at

  • What if we're part of a large enterprise?

    • Dock is here to help anyone from a solo practitioner to a large enterprise. Let us know how we can help, contact us at

Have a question we didn't answer or need some time to walk through it with the Dock Crew? Schedule time with us here.