Let Dock Health do the busywork.

We can help every member of your team reclaim 2 hours each week from administrative inefficiencies.
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Unprecedented demands require new resources.

Dock Health provides practice administrators and managers with a HIPAA-compliant collaboration platform to capture every administrative task for your client and practice management needs. With Dock, you will:

  • Reduce dropped balls

  • Collaborate efficiently

  • Communicate easily

  • Optimize your organization

HIPAA-compliant at all levels

EHR integrations

Workflow automations

Client context

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Every aspect of practice performance.

Dock Health is affordably priced and uniquely integrated to serve your administrative needs.  From teams of 10 to thousands, we deliver the tools, integrations and automations that drive improved outcomes for practice performance.

Quality improvement

Process automation

Workforce optimization


HIPAA-compliant collaboration

High reliability


“Dock Health is literally indispensable.”

Levi Breuer, PsyD.
Psychologist & CEO

Trusted by practice administrators and industry experts.

Dock Health is built by healthcare, for healthcare. For years, we've personally lived the administrative burden experienced as healthcare providers, and we've listened to the needs expressed by our users -- in every role, in every setting.  We take administrative friction head on.


Custom workflows and protocols

Actionable best-practices and guidelines

Create a learning health system

Measure and optimize the practice and processes

HIPAA-compliant collaboration

High reliability

Build a thriving practice.

Whether you're onboarding new patients, handling a referral or scheduling exam follow-ups, your team has institutional knowledge on the way your practice likes to do things.

Dock uses your processes to generate digital workflows that ensure information is captured saved forever, and actionable with triggered automations to save time.
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For years, Dr. Jeremy Sharp's rich understanding for and experience in the field of psychological testing has created a thriving practice and community.  Meaningful partnerships, including with Dock Health, bring technical solutions to members of "The Testing Psychologist" podcast and Facebook community.

Dock Health serves as a consistent, trustworthy, collaborative partner to help start, grow and expand your psychological testing practice.  Make sure you have the right tools for the work you do.

Home & Remote Care

New models of care have forced a distributed team of “providers” to collaborate securely and manage a growing list of clients and tasks. Electronic health records were not built to serve the administrative and collaborative needs of the entire care team. Dock fosters organization, collaboration and productivity, even when new client requirements seem never-ending.

Secure collaboration for the distributed workforce

Accountability across episodes of care and providers

Beyond interoperability… interconnectivity

Client relationship management solution

Virtual Workforce

With the explosion of virtual care, the administrative support has also become virtual and asynchronous. Institutional knowledge and processes are quickly lost in turnover and training is a full-time job. Define your processes, guide team members through SmartFlows and get control of your practice.

Design workflows

Implement structure and accountability

Secure institutional knowledge

Facilitate part-time support

API for Enterprise & Startups

Dock is the only HIPAA-compliant collaboration and workflow management solution built for healthcare. Teams and organizations are now seeing the value of these platforms, but consumer solutions don’t work. Make use of our APIs to integrate secure task management into your environment or trigger workflows in Dock from your systems. Built on FHIR standards and integrated with EHRs, CRMs and productivity solutions to be the backbone and administrative hub for healthcare.

FHIR-based restful APIs


Bi-directional automations

Integrated widgets


"...a game changer… Simply put, the time saved by utilizing Dock Health is invaluable."

Dan C.
IT Operations Coordinator

Dan C.
IT Operations Coordinator

Healthcare concierge services

From managing the tasks and protocols of multi-site clinical trials to post-market surveillance and ensuring best-practice guidelines are followed by providers, the opportunities to use our secure platform are endless. Get clinical and operational team members on the same page, capture the data and build a learning health system.

Create actionable protocols

Capture data

Establish benchmarks

Facilitate interorganizational collaboration

24/7 Customer Support

The Dock Crew is here to support you every step of the way

  • Dedicated onboarding concierge guarantees immediate impact

  • Self-learning tools in our resource center

  • 24/7 Dock Crew support via chat

  • Professional services for integrations, automations, workflows, and team training

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