It’s about Patients.
Not Paperwork.

Dock Health is a simple, HIPAA compliant task management and collaboration platform designed for healthcare. 

Burnout is a
Serious Side Effect.

Overworked doctors, nurses and staff. It’s a sickness that’s overrun the workplace. We created Dock Health to reduce administrative overload, increase transparency and offer peace of mind.




For burnout is administrative
clinical tasks



of Physicians

Experience feelings of burnout.




Cost to the system due to physician
 and nurse burnout each year.

Master of the Mundane

Dock Health

Keeping track of
All the Details.

Dock sorts, prioritizes & delegates tasks with patient context. Regain control of your practice, reduce errors & maximize efficiency.

HIPAA compliance means your patient’s protected health information stays that way. Dock Health brings seamless security & confidence to every process and every patient.

Sharing, Caring


No matter how spread out your team members are, or how different their schedules, Dock keeps you together and on the same page. Anywhere you go.

“Dock Health is the bread and butter of our
practice. Without it we would be in the dark.

It is literally indispensable.
- Levi Breuer, PhD - CEO, PsychCare

Dock Health is

Your Daily Hub.

No more reply-all emails. No more Post-It notes or spreadsheets to manage patient care. Just an open route to better healthcare collaboration.

Dock reduces administrative overload and increases peace of mind and job satisfaction.






Dock at Your Desk and

In Your Hands.

Medical information needs to flow smoothly and securely. From admin to doctor, from doctor to social worker, clinic to clinic. Dock makes sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

It's Time to 
Regain Control.

Prioritize and delegate. Assign tasks to the right people and know the status of each important step. Stay on top of the moving parts and pieces.

Healthcare is complicated and a team sport. Dock is how to concentrate on the things that matter most.


Dock puts what’s important front and center and keeps track of the millions of small but important details. Dock makes it easier to do what you love.

The Benefits Begin in 

5 minutes.

With Dock's self-service sign up you can start using the product now on both web and mobile. You choose what works for you.


Starting at

per user per month

◆ Create tasks with patient context
◆ Add Subtasks
◆ Team commenting
◆ Assign/reassign tasks
◆ Add due dates
◆ Flag & set task status
◆ Duplicate tasks
◆ Create multiple lists
◆ View history of events
◆ Forward email to your task lists
◆ Add Attachments

Dock Enterprise

Please Call for Pricing.

◆ All the features of Dock, plus:
+ EHR integration
+ Custom email addresses
+ Custom email scripts/integrations
+ Uploading of patient profiles
+ Custom protocols
+ Modify BAA
+ Single sign on