Our Vision

We can do better


Dock Health is a secure, collaboration platform for getting the tasks of healthcare done as a team.  We are focused on solving some of the most pressing issues in healthcare by making communication and collaboration easier through thoughtful design and simplicity. Borrowing from the best of consumer technology and deeply steeped in the pain points of clinical medicine, we are on a mission to solve the workflow challenges and inefficiencies for clinicians and their teams. By helping doctors, nurses and their staff get the mundane but critical background tasks of clinical care done, we will reduce stress, prevent dropped balls and free up time for the essential face to face patient care everyone is longing for.

We seek to bring the joy back to medicine by helping medical teams work more productively, collaboratively and intelligently. Dock Health hopes to improve patient care by giving medical teams a reliable, secure and beautifully designed system to ensure the work gets done. We are constantly dreaming of new ways to make the work of taking care of patients easier, more efficient and reliable. We want doctors and clinicians to think about medicine, not about paperwork, emails and phone calls.


We are a small team of dedicated and passionate experts in medicine, design, and information technology based in Boston and San Francisco. Our mission is to share a better way ToDo healthcare and continue to bring joy to patients and their medical team through great products.

Michael Docktor & Keather Roemhildt

Co-Founders, Dock Health