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Dock Health serves as a consistent, trustworthy, collaborative partner to a variety of healthcare organizations.

From enterprise healthcare campuses to EHRs to management service organizations to consultants and universities, Dock Health takes a customized approach to delivering HIPAA-compliant solutions that optimize impacts for our partners.

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"Dock Health is literally indispensable."

- Levi Breuer, PsyD • Psychologist & DEO • PsychCare

"Dock Health has created a solution to an incredible challenge in healthcare..."
- John Brownstein, PhD • Chief Innovation Officer • Boston Children's Hospital

"...a game changer...Simply put, the time saved by utilizing Dock Health is invaluable."

- Don C • Operations Coordinator • DynamiCare


Completing the EHR solution.

Dock Health partners with a variety of EHRs to complement their clinical and patient record offerings. Serving as the care team's platform for administrative tasks and to-dos, we seamlessly integrated with EHRs to provide a complete experience for clinical operations.

Dock is Creating Systemic Healthcare Changes


  • Virtual Care

  • Remote monitoring

  • Digital Workforce

  • Administrative work

Dock is Built for Healthcare Organizations


  • HIPAA-compliant

  • Patient-centric

  • Template Library

  • Affordable for all providers

Dock Integrations

+ Automations


  • EMR integrations

  • Workflow automations

  • Customer-specific insights

Dock has been validated by hundreds of providers:

Interconnectivity is the new interoperability.


Dock serves as the connective tissue of healthcare, allowing tasks to seamlessly move between providers as care becomes more and more virtual, teams increasingly distributed and the need to reduce administrative work and burnout in healthcare, an epidemic unto itself.

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