HIPAA-compliant workflow management built by healthcare providers, for providers.

Capture, assign, track and complete administrative tasks that get healthcare done.

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Onboard easily, impact immediately.

Too busy to set up the structure and workflows that help reduce dropped balls in your practice?? We get it. We’ll get you started with our process improvement experts and help you tackle the inefficiencies and error-prone processes your practice is facing.

Set up your Dock account in 5 minutes, and immediately experience the benefits. Simply sign up for a demo to unlock a free 15-day trial. Your dedicated Onboarding Concierge will ensure a streamlined process every step of the way.

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Templates and protocols by specialty and care setting

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Optimized Operations

Your processes, made actionable, accountable and automated.

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Your patients and your practice are too important to wing-it. Capture all the tasks and get organized with Dock’s workflow management platform to ensure every task is accurate and complete. Dock affords providers and organizations the high reliability their patients deserve.

Recurring tasks and reminders

Due dates for deliverables

Automations that save time


Care Coordination

Collaborate and communicate across the care continuum.

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We know so much of patient care happens between clinical visits and across many forms of communication. Dock fosters collaboration both within and outside the organization, helping to reduce dropped balls and delays in care throughout care delivery.

Recurring tasks and reminders

Due dates for deliverables

Automations that save time


HIPAA Compliant and Secure

Foundationally HIPAA-compliant and
built for healthcare.

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Dock offers HIPAA-compliant task management and collaboration built for healthcare — for every size organization and every subscription level. Our platform was designed by providers, for providers, and the nuances of healthcare. We understand the challenges of patient care and the workflows of busy practices because we live it, and we’re here to help.  

HIPAA compliant

BAA begins the process

Vetted and integrated with major EHRs


Workflow Automation

Integrate and automate to reduce work.

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Dock’s suite of integrations and automations delivers maximum efficiency by reducing the administrative manual labor of a practice. EHRs are where most of the work is done, but none of the administrative work is captured or connected to the administrative members of the care team..

Turn unreliable and manual processes into highly reliable and automated workflows with Dock. Gather data to improve processes and identify bottlenecks to seed growth opportunities.

Form to task for easy onboaridng

Triggered administrative workflows

Automatically assign tasks

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Data that Drives Decisions

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The industry's only platform for structured sets of administrative data, Dock captures data where none exists and makes it easier to filter and visualize the bottlenecks and surface inefficiencies, benchmarking workflow insights that optimize practices and the care they provide.

Form to task for easy onboarding

Triggered administrative workflows

Automatically assign tasks


Take the friction out of the everyday with integrations that matter

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