• Jonathan White

100,000 Tasks: A Unique Lens on National Doctors Day

Today we celebrate National Doctors Day, when we thank physicians in our lives and communities for the frontline, heroic work they've been doing over the last year and many years before that. Never before have we owed more to this amazing group of physicians and to all the other team members (nurses, medical assistants, administrators, and beyond) who have supported those doctors through this very difficult pandemic.

We are indeed thankful for all physicians, including our CEO and cofounder, Michael Docktor (M.D.), who continue to put themselves at risk for the patient care and clinical work that needs to be done each and every day to keep our communities as healthy as possible and move us collectively toward a next normal.

At Dock, we have a unique lens into just how much work physicians do, because they track it in our task-management platform. We are a database of to-dos, where providers can securely enter and maintain all the administrative work that accompanies patient care and clinical operations.

In fact, just this week we surpassed 100,000 tasks completed on our platform by providers across the country. Every one of those 100,000 tasks was completed in the delivery of care for the benefit of patients – tasks that were documented, assigned, remembered, acted upon, and completed. Each of those was required by a provider in service of a best practice and had a positive impact on a patient’s care.

We don’t know if any of those tasks saved a life, but we do know from our customers that fewer balls were dropped, care was administered more efficiently, costs were reduced, and providers and staff were less stressed – and all of us have felt the increase of stress in our own lives from external sources.

We’ve learned or perhaps been reminded that doctors do an incredibly exorbitant amount of administrative work for which they don’t get credit. On top of that, staff members juggle the myriad follow-on or follow-up duties required to perform all the rest of the functions outside of the clinical work. There are almost one billion out-patient visits per year in the United States*. If only one task per visit is necessary to perform (and you can be assured that it is many times that), there are literally one billion things to remember and act upon. If only 1 percent of those tasks is dropped or forgotten, that equates to 10,000,000 dropped balls or 10,000,000 opportunities for less than optimal care.

There is a golden path of care delivery that is collaborative, efficient and transparent where all members of a team (led by these amazing doctors) work together to deliver better care. One hundred thousand tasks is a milestone for us (we’ll let you know when we get to a million – and then a billion), but there is much more to do to support our doctors and provider teams. Our mission is to play our role in reducing the administrative burden for this dedicated group, allowing them to focus more on what is truly important – optimal patient care.

Thank you, doctors, for all you do. Stay well and feel appreciated on this day of celebration, and every day.

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