• Jonathan White

Celebrating those who do the work: National Administrative Professionals Day

Today we celebrate the administrative professionals who are responsible for actually getting the work done – whatever “the work” is, in whatever industry you operate. These are the unsung heroes who do the mundane, behind-the-scenes activities that make sure the business stays on the rails. They serve in every industry and on most teams, because ultimately, everything we do in work and life boils down to an administrative task. From administrative executives to executive assistants and every professional doing the work that keeps our healthcare industry moving, we celebrate you.

It may surprise you to read that administrative professionals in healthcare account for three times the amount of clinical work that happens in a healthcare practice. These are the folks who manage what we call “the other half of healthcare” -- all the tasks and touch points that happen before and after you visit your medical provider, mental health provider. It almost goes without saying that the healthcare system could not operate (no pun intended, but true) without these professionals. We further recognize the contribution all of these professionals make in one of our core beliefs -- that when in comes to healthcare delivery teams, we are all providers.

Thank you, all, for the consistent, accurate, collaborative work you do. We appreciate you!

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