• Dr. Levi Breuer

Guest Post: "The Administrative World of Mental Health"

Updated: May 13

Contributor: Dr. Levi Breuer, PsyD., CEO, PsychCare, Baltimore, Md.

As a psychologist and business owner, I wear many hats and serve many people. In my role as psychologist, my primary desire is to provide the best possible care to my patients – to focus on their care and the support they need.

As the CEO of my multi-site mental health practice, my greatest responsibility is to the business, ensuring it operates at its maximum potential – practitioners are operating at the top of their licenses, and every teammate is making the most of her or his skills and talents for the organization. I also want my team to love what they do, as our personal fulfillment leads to better patient experiences.

With 40+ clinicians and 10 office administrative staff, I need to make sure that they are surrounded with a productive atmosphere and given the tools they need, because my team also wants to provide the best care possible for our patients and ensure the business is operating at its maximum potential. If either of these areas falter, the whole organization suffers. One the flip side, if all of them are in sync, the practices continue to grow and our patients benefit.

A further constituency is privacy. Mental health, more than any other medical specialty, takes HIPAA and privacy very seriously. Privacy for our patients is a primary concern with everything we do.

Fortunately, I am a tinkerer by nature. I love to solve problems and find solutions. And I am a believer that technology can be a great enabler. I have adopted (tinkered with) many technology solutions over the years. I like to see how they work and can work together. I like to measure and see how they help me with my team. Not all of them have worked as I had hoped, but others have. The ones that work the best solve more than one problem -- some you never realized you had -- and cross over all the needs and user types in our organization.

One of these is Dock Health, where I find you reading now, which we use for HIPAA-compliant task management. My team (at every level) struggled with the myriad of to-dos that are inherent in running a large practice and caring for patients in a secure way. Some of these to-dos were clinical in nature, and many were administrative in nature. It didn’t matter the nature of the tasks, it only mattered that they were done, done efficiently, and with transparency as to where that process was in flight.

Having used Dock now for more than two years (with the team completing more than 50,000 tasks on the platform), it is safe to take a look back and assess the solution and its impact on patient care and the business. Here are my main takeaways:

  • My operations are more efficient;

  • My employees are more productive;

  • My staff is happier, less stressed by the chaos that can exist in a busy office;

  • I have insights into the business that I did not have before; and

  • I know that my patients’ privacy is protected.

I suspect each of those bullets could be a blog all on their own, and if Dock indulges me, maybe they will be. Suffice it to say here that my practices get more done with the same number of employees, I have less turnover, and with the unique / structured data that I (with Dock) am collecting and able to analyze, I am able to make the business run at even a higher level. We all benefit – perhaps the patients most of all. After all, that is why we do this.

I have said it before but will say it again “Dock Health is the bread and butter of our practice. Without it we would be in the dark. It is literally indispensable.”

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