• Jonathan White

Introducing Dock Premium

A New Offering that Expands Dock's Platform Intelligence and Functionality

Dock is and always will be a foundationally HIPAA-compliant workflow management platform that reduces dropped balls, improves efficiency and fosters enhanced collaboration throughout the care continuum. As we work to help address the workflow needs our customers and partners have shared with us, we are thrilled to introduce our new Dock Premium, which compounds the impacts we enable for our community.

Dock Premium was born from listening to our customer’s real-time, in-clinic experiencing, an unconditional desire to make administrative work easier for providers, and our deep understanding of the complexities of healthcare. Dock Premium includes all the feature of our Basic product, including workflow creation, access to the Workflow template library, due dates, assignments, statuses, labels (on and on) along with the integrations (EMR’s, CRM’s, etc) that meet providers where they are and automations that reduce work for our users – and brings collaboration and efficiency to another level.

The hallmark feature of Dock Premium is what we call SmartFlows. SmartFlows are the natural extension of workflows, recognizing that healthcare delivery is not linear. They are built with branching logic (if this, then that), dependencies (don’t do this unless that has already been done) and time delays (do this after three days that was done). They replace the laminated flow chart on someone’s desk with the built-in logic, accountability and transparency for everyone on the team to see and participate in.

Dock Premium includes:

  • Unlimited SmartFlows – create any number of processes to fit your organization's needs and activate them with EHR and other integrations

  • Multi-user groups – assign a task to a group (nursing, billing, radiology department, etc.) instead of just one individual

  • Custom patient profiles – create profiles that match your patient or client needs (gender pronouns, last mammogram, date of diagnosis, etc.) not just a one size fits all solution

  • Custom fields – add fields to tasks that match your workflows (location of treatment, date of last procedure, time spent, etc.)

  • Custom lists – create your own patient lists (by payer, condition, etc.)

  • Unlimited file storage – have important documents and images at your fingertips; and more

Our mission remains the same: Eliminate dropped balls that lead to lost revenue, increased costs and suboptimal patient care, reduce the administrative friction in healthcare delivery, and ease the cognitive burden on the care team. Dock is mission-driven, founded by a provider experiencing all of these challenges. By achieving these goals, we believe the whole ecosystem can win – patients receive better care, the system delivers care as efficiently as possible and the care teams experience a higher quality of life. That is how we perceive the value of our product and the lens through which we deliver our product roadmap. Dock Premium is the next step forward. We invite you on the journey!

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