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Introducing Dockcoin: The New Referral Rewards Program from Dock Health

We are thrilled to announce our Dock Referral Rewards Program, a new way for you to earn credit for referring your peers to Dock. In the healthcare world, the recommendation of a friend is incredibly powerful, and we believe our users are crucial to spreading awareness about the impacts Dock Health helps produce for providers in every specialty, every setting. To you, our customers, we are grateful for your partnership and investment in Dock Health, and we are equally invested in you. This is one more way we can thank you!

How to Refer a Colleague

Referring someone outside your organization is easy! Choose from one of these options:

1) Click on the Dockcoin emblem found on the lower left-hand corner of your Dock dashboard to enter a colleague's email address, and we take care of the rest.

2) Email colleagues directly from your own inboxes, and let us know to keep an eye out for them.

3) Encourage colleagues to request a demo and outline in the questionnaire that they are a referral from you.

How the Rewards Work

For any new customers you refer to Dock Health, we will offset your next invoice(s) by the new customer’s monthly average subscription fee. This credit will appear on your first invoice 90 days after the new customer starts their Dock subscription.

If the cumulative referral fee is less than or equal to your monthly or annual bill, that amount will be subtracted from your invoice, which will appear as a “Dockcoin” credit.

If the cumulative referral fee is greater than your monthly or annual bill, that amount will be applied to your subsequent bills until that amount is satisfied.

How Do I Keep Track of My Dockcoin

We will keep track of referrals and report back to you as demos turn into new customer subscriptions. Should you have any questions on our new program, please reach out to me directly!

We look forward to continuing to earn your business and would be honored by any referral that you may choose to send our way. Reach out to a member of the Dock Health team with questions, anytime!

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