• Michael Docktor, MD

KidsX Accelerator Selects Dock Health for Inaugural Cohort

KidsX, a global ecosystem of 50+ pediatric hospitals and spearheaded by innovation champions within these organizations, selected Dock Health for its inaugural cohort which kicked off in January (2021). Hundreds of pediatric startups applied for the unique, 13-week accelerator, anchored by a consortium of hospitals from North America, Europe, Australia, and Israel seeking to partner with seed-stage digital health companies with potential and passion to transform pediatric care.

With a goal of supporting digital health companies as they work to validate their product-market fit and business models in the pediatric market, the KidsX Accelerator experience simplifies the enterprise sales cycle by matching the selected startups with in-hospital mentors who can clear roadblocks, and streamline contracting, compliance, policy, and onboarding processes.

Paving the Way with the Most Innovative Pediatric Hospitals

KidsX grants participants access to highly engaged hospitals within its network, where innovation teams are eager to accelerate the path to tomorrow's solutions. The hospital partners include clinical and administrative mentors and hospital executives who can help vet business models, use cases and enterprise contracting challenges in an effort to yield impactful pilots.

Participation Benefits:

  1. Product Market Fit: The Dock Health team will collaborate with decision-makers and digital health leaders at KidsX hospitals to uncover blindspots, and define ROI and product differentiation within the pediatric space.

  2. Demonstration Project: Dock was selected for this accelerator as it has proven to solve problems that are important to KidsX hospitals and will plan to rollout the platform to 3-4 organizations with an identified and urgent need for HIPAA-compliant task management.

  3. Organizational Champions: KidsX is uniquely committed to guiding companies through the complex maze of committee approvals, technology reviews, and contracting processes within enterprise organizations. These assigned champions work with founders to efficiently launch the demonstration projects.

  4. Mentorship + Learning: The hallmark of the KidsX experience is the 1:1 mentorship Dock receives throughout the program with workshops, office hours and the opportunity to learn from experts in healthcare technology, health policy, regulatory affairs, among others.

  5. User Feedback: Through KidsX, Dock Health has the ability to glean valuable, user feedback essential for product development and delivery of impact/ROI.

The Dock Team has hit the ground running with the KidsX Accelerator, already benefitting from the mentorship, organizational inroads, and user-feedback on existing product and roadmap. We are grateful to the KidsX team for sharing our vision and supporting our mission in this way. Stay tuned for updates as Dock and hospital partners come together to solve difficult problems. We look forward to reporting on our progress and accomplishments with the help of the KidsX accelerator over these coming weeks.

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