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Prestigious Cedars-Sinai Accelerator Selects Dock Health for Coveted Spot in ‘21 Cohort

Updated: Feb 23

Dock Health has been selected from a pool of more than 500 companies from around the globe to participate in the distinguished 12-week program, fine-tuned to foster deeper use-case understanding and rapid growth for companies within its cohort.

Creators of the industry’s only HIPAA-compliant task-management platform, the Dock Health team is thrilled to join the renowned Cedars-Sinai Accelerator, a program that will deliver an incredible opportunity to:

  • Work with providers at every turn of the healthcare workflow, measuring the usefulness of our product

  • Provide immediate relief from the stress and anxiety of administrative work, and

  • Fortify the larger vision for these systems to interconnect in a way that not only shares data bi-directionally, but where all silos that contribute to healthcare delivery speak seamlessly to each other and create sustainable change in the world of healthcare

“We’re honored and energized to be participating in the first-ever remote Cedars-Sinai Accelerator, which underscores our own value proposition of providing secure collaboration in a new world of virtual healthcare and distributed providers,” said Michael Docktor, M.D., CEO and co-founder of Dock Health. “As providers, we have all experienced the pandemic’s impact on clinical care delivery -- the administrative aspect of healthcare has changed just as drastically. From independent clinics to enterprise organizations, teams already needed a better way to coordinate and communicate the tasks associated with getting healthcare done. Dock Health’s mission is to drive workflow efficiencies, increase revenue, and reduce the cognitive overload and burden associated with all the administrative work that falls outside the EHR.”

All Dock Health team members will participate in an immersive meeting and mentorship program, where different team functions are studied and tested, iterated and accelerated.

“Dock Health can only deliver individual and organizational impact if people want to use it,” said Keather Roemhildt, chief product officer and co-founder, Dock Health. “The Cedars-Sinai Accelerator experience is invaluable when it comes to teaching us how all providers -- regardless of specialty or certification -- will use our platform. The best products are the ones people adopt because they need or want the value so much, they can’t live without it. Our challenge is to help providers understand the problem of costly administrative dropped balls and cognitive burden, then learn how providers use Dock to solve their problems.”

Ultimately, healthcare technology needs to deliver on an immediate need and a larger vision. For Dock Health, the team has focused on two constructs: 1) Everyone is a provider, and 2) Everything in healthcare is a task.

“Interconnectivity is the system that supports omni-channel, real-time interactions across care teams and patients,” said Nitin Gujral, chief technology officer and co-founder, Dock Health. “We inadvertently, and sometimes overtly, construct information silos with traditional and digital health solutions. We need seamless connectivity of data and actions to flow across these varied and often disconnected systems that each play a meaningful role for the care teams and patients.”

The official announcement can be read here.

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