Version 3.0 of Dock is here

We’ve added a new dashboard, an amazing new look, and fantastic new features.

A new place to call Home

For our latest update of Dock, we’ve created a new dashboard we’re simply calling Home. Along with a new look, you’ll also find some new items on your Home dashboard, including the ability to view all of your to-dos, across all of your lists, on a single page.

The Lists page you’re familiar with is still there, and you can still easily access it. We've simply created a new view which shows you all of the tasks that are assigned to you, from all the lists of which you’re an owner or member.


We've added another way to organize tasks on the Lists page – using Groups. You can create, name and move Groups around on the page and assign tasks to a group to help you organize your list.

Drag & Drop

Ordering tasks is now easier because you can simply drag and drop them where you want – whether that’s to re-order tasks within a list or a group or from one group to another group within a list. Anyone invited to that list will see this re-order.

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More features and functionality

The group called New Tasks

You’ll now see a default group on each list called New Tasks. This group is where Dock drops a new task when you add it to a list. From there, you can either move it to another existing group, or just leave it in the new task group.

Quick Add

Adding a new task within a group is now a snap. You’ll notice a box with “+ Add Task” open and ready for you. Simply type in your task, hit the enter key and the new task is saved to your list – without having to enter a lot of other details. Once you’ve added the task, you can then click on it and add more information as needed.

Expanded Filtering

We've added more robust filtering that allows you to use multiple criteria, so you can quickly find exactly what you're looking for.

Minimum & Maximum Views

Each group within your list now includes a minimum or maximum view of the tasks within that group. The minimum view provides a simple view that shows the task, patient, status and assignee.

Click over to the maximum view and you’ll be able to read through all the comments for each task in one view. Clicking the circle associated with an individual task will close up the comments for that task.

Adding a Subtask & Deleting or Duplicating Tasks

The drop-down menu to add a subtask, and delete or duplicate a task has a new location. Look for the (…) at the top right of the task drawer and click on it to open the drop-down.

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Helping you become a Task Master

We’ve expanded the Task drawer that slides in from the right-hand side of the screen, reorganized things a bit and added new functionality.

Filed In:
We’ve made the Filed In indicator – which tells you in which list a task is filed and lets you move tasks to other lists – easier to find. The Filed In indicator now lives at the top of the task drawer.

Due Date & Due Time:
We know that some tasks need to be done within hours, not just days. And some tasks need to be complete before others can start. So we added the ability to not just assign a due date, but also a due time. This will help you manage tasks that need to be done in sequence.

We’ve added the ability to assign a status to tasks, so you and your list members can quickly check the status and act accordingly.

Labels :
Now you can create and assign labels to your individual to-dos that make sense to your workflow and office. The labels will help you easily find and sort using Tasks.

Task History:
Tasks usually aren’t static. They can change over time, with multiple list members making updates. So we’ve added the ability to view an individual task’s history of changes. To view the history of an individual task, look to the bottom of the task drawer. You’ll see each change that has occurred since the task was created.

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