Version 3.0 of Dock is here

We’ve added a new dashboard, an amazing new look, and fantastic new features.

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A new place to call Home

For our latest update of Dock, we’ve created a new dashboard we’re simply calling Home. Along with a new look, you’ll also find some new items on your Home dashboard, including the ability to view all of your to-dos, across all of your lists, on a single page.

The Lists page you’re familiar with is still there, and you can still easily access it. We've simply created a new view which shows you all of the tasks that are assigned to you, from all the lists of which you’re an owner or member.

Groups screen.png


We've added another way to organize tasks on the Lists page – using Groups. You can create, name and move Groups around on the page and assign tasks to a group to help you organize your list.

Drag & drop screen.png

Drag & Drop

Ordering tasks is now easier because you can simply drag and drop them where you want – whether that’s to re-order tasks within a list or a group or from one group to another group within a list. Anyone invited to that list will see this re-order.

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More features and functionality


The group called New Tasks