Residency is hard. Paperwork should be easy.

Dock Health is a HIPAA-compliant task management platform

to help you stay on top of all

those new residency tasks.

Whether your a recent match or you've been in residency for years, Dock Health is the industry's only secure, compliant place to gather all your administrative to-dos and collaborate with care teammates.

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Congrats on your match!

Congratulations to the 2021 newly matched residents! You will soon set off on the greatest adventure and education of your careers. Get started with the right tools to manage your work with free access to Dock Health’s HIPAA-complaint task management platform. Stay on top of all the clinical and administrative to-dos and care for the patients who need you.

for Residents

At Dock Health, we believe everyone is a provider.

In medical school, you survived. In residency? You'll thrive, because you've got the clinical skills and Dock Health provides its administrative tool free for all residents so you can hit the ground running.  

With Dock Health, you'll experience:

  • One, secure place to collect the tasks associated with care delivery

  • A place to communicate and collaborate with your team

  • Tracking and status of clinical workflow

  • A way to avoid administrative dropped balls and mitigate burnout

Post-Its, Colored Pens

We absorb so much in medical school, including non-clinical steps associated with care. Post-Its and multi-colored pens are one way of keeping track of to-dos, yet in my residency, I have found better methods that save me from dropping the administrative ball. Dock Health has worked well to help me stay on top of my work.


I had many of the clinical skills needed for residency, but the administrative side of care felt foreign to me. I was relieved to find Dock Health's intuitive platform and my mentor gave the green light to use due in large part to the HIPAA-compliance standards and physician founders.

Quick, Easy, Accurate

Certainly there's less sleep, more learning and what seems like a time vacuum in residency -- Dock is a tool that captures needs as they arise, travels with me throughout the clinic, and is intuitive enough to know my workflow and preferences.

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Easier than biology 101

Get started on Dock quickly and master it easily with our How-To guide found here.