Building a Thriving Assessment Practice

Dr. Jeremy Sharp of "The Testing Psychologist" and Dock Health have teamed up to support mental health providers as they identify, organize, track and execute the administrative needs associated with psychological testing.

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Dock + Psychological Testing Services

For years, Dr. Jeremy Sharp's rich understanding for and experience in the field of psychological testing has created a thriving practice and community.  Meaningful partnerships, including with Dock Health, bring technical solutions to members of "The Testing Psychologist" podcast and Facebook community 

Dock Health serves as a consistent, trustworthy, collaborative partner to help start, grow and expand your psychological testing practice.  Make sure you have the right tools for the work you do.

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Custom Workflows for Assessments 


Now, Dr. Sharp's own workflow for assessment delivery are located in the Dock Health template library to help testing psychologists quickly, easily and effectively deliver the administrative steps associated with client care.  

The Benefits of Dock Health

 Dr. Sharp built The Testing Psychology community to support practicing clinicians as they work to provide excellent client care while also running the business.     

Dock was made for this:

  • Capture all your patient and operational tasks in one, secure place -- and track their progress

  • Collaborate with office teammates and outside providers for more efficient workflow

  • Compliance is key to mitigating HIPAA risk, breaches and even fines  

Dock Creates Systemic Healthcare Changes


  • Virtual Care

  • Remote monitoring

  • Digital Workforce

  • Administrative work

Dock Is Built for Healthcare Providers


  • HIPAA-compliant

  • Patient-centric

  • Template Library

  • Affordable for all providers

Dock Integrations

+ Automations


  • EMR integrations

  • Workflow automations

  • Customer-specific insights

Dock is validated by hundreds of providers.

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Levi Breuer, PsyD.
Psychologist & CEO

“Dock Health is literally indispensable.”

John Brownstein, PhD
Chief Innovation Officer
Boston Children's Hospital

“Dock Health has created a solution to an incredible challenge in healthcare…”


Dan C.
IT Operations Coordinator

"...a game changer… Simply put, the time saved by utilizing Dock Health is invaluable."